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We share a common goal for your project to succeed. Truly a win-win for our partner...

The most difficult aspect of launching any online business is the initial cost of designing and developing the Website. Paying out thousands of pounds before even the first revenue drips in means many great ideas never even get off the ground. And other projects are abandoned after a few months due to knowledge gap and cash burn. We have a far more collaborative and long-term approach. If we believe in your business model, and more importantly in you, we can negotiate a stake in your final project/business based on the amount of work you want us to undertake, and the risk associated with the project. You can then have a top quality finished product for a very low initial cost, and our stake only pays out if your project is successful. So we share a common goal for your project to succeed. Truly a win-win for our partners. How can we do this? Well, all of our in-house team are on permanent contracts, as we do not use freelancers. So we pay our team regardless of work undertaken as their cost is supported by our internal projects. We have undertaken joint venture projects where we provide full project management, and elsewhere we have provided just our technical input. It depends on where you feel we can add value.
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A high quality service for a very low cost... What's not to like?

The biggest mistake many online businesses make is to compromise on quality because of price. Your online business is your shopfront; you wouldn't have shabby shop on the high street so why have a poor online platform? Especially if you can get high quality work commissioned at an unbelievably low price. Similarly, many online businesses forget that their online business is just that - a business. Instead of embracing the 7 billion potential customers out there, their online presence can lack the commercial focus that can and would bring in more customers. No one can be a specialist at everything. You may be a crack designer, but you may still need help with development and marketing to fulfill the potential of your business. Or perhaps you just want to sit back and let an expert manage your project from start to finish. We can do all of that for you. So… a high quality service for a very low cost. What's not to like?



ZIGZAG Solutions has a dedicated team of professionals that have been carefully selected for their specialist skills.

We strongly believe that at team is only as strong as its weakest link, and we apply this approach to all work we undertake - internal and external. If a project requires a designer, we will use a specialist designer, rather than an 'all-rounder'. This ensures a better final product - benefitting both us and our clients and partners. And we have all the necessary in-house expertise to provide a complete top-end solution without the need to outsource.

We have both the technical skills and commercial focus to ensure we are successful in every project undertaken, getting the required results at a super-competitive price.

  • Creative designers

    Creative designers that understand the importance of brand identity

  • Online marketing specialists

    Online marketing specialists who understand the 'dark art' of search engine optimisation

  • developers

    Talented developers that understand the latest technology

  • Project managers

    Project managers with commercial knowledge, ensuring any project is completed on time and on budget


Meet the ZIGZAG Management Team

  • Gaerth
    Gareth Davies
    Managing Director
  • zia-rizvi
    Zia Rizvi
    Commercial Director
  • rashid
    Rashid Sharif
    Head of Design
  • saqib
    Saqib Khan
    Head of Development
  • alice
    Alice Whitehead
    Marketing Project Manager
  • james
    James Austin
    Commercial Project Manager
  • sam
    Sam Richardson
    Technical Project Manager
  • bob
    Bob Howard
    Technical Project Manager
  • katie
    Sales Project Manager
  • ronny
    Project Administrator

At ZIGZAG Solutions, our highly trained and fully capable specialist team are here to provide the best solution for your business - without compromise.

We have helped develop successful businesses over many different sectors, and as a result we are equipped with a breadth of commercial and technical experience to assist in the development of, what we believe, is the most valuable tool in an online business' arsenal - your website.

We offer different services and varying levels of involvement to ensure that you get a tailored service provision geared towards what you want and what your budget will allow. Whether you want something as small as a new logo or as big as an entire ecommerce platform, no job is beneath nor beyond us.

Have a look at our portfolio below to see our work.

Below are case studies showing just a small sample of our portfolio.

Project Name: Harmony Health & Beauty Clinic

URL: http://www.harmonyhealthandbeautyclinic.com/

Workstream Type: Internal

Project Outline: A high street beauty clinic wanted to establish an online business presence, as well as the ability to sell beauty products via an online shop. We identified Magento as the best ecommerce solution, as it would allow content management and scalability.

Work Undertaken by ZZS: Design | Non-template Magento development and implementation | Payment gateway integration

Biggest Challenges: Training the customer in getting the most out of Magento!

Project Name: Privateline88

URL: http://www.privateline88.com/

Workstream Type: Joint Venture

Project Outline: We were approached by one of the world’s largest Asian Handicap tipping specialists that wished to move its very successful operation on-line. This required the design and development of a multi-tipster CRM platform, and implementation of several Asian payment gateways.

Work Undertaken by ZZS: Business Re-engineering | Project management | Re-skin Design | Bespoke PHP Development | Ecommerce | Multi-lingual sites, with automatic translation of tips depending on user language preference | Outbound SMS integration, over several time zones/countries, languages and networks

Biggest Challenges: To fundamentally re-engineer and enhance a system that was previously done manually so that it operated seamlessly in an automated and efficient fashion – over several time zones and languages - without losing customer focus.

Project Name: Voodoo SMS

URL: http://www.voodoosms.com/

Workstream Type: Internal

Project Outline: To design a bespoke bulk SMS marketing platform. Identifying and implementing many USPs. Targeting both B2B and resellers as customers.

Work Undertaken by ZZS: Competitor analysis | Project management | Design | Bespoke PHP Development | SEO/SEM | Payment gateway integration

Biggest Challenges: Overcoming substantial barriers to entry in a very competitive market sector, and competing with some real market giants from a standing start.

Project Name: Think Odds

URL: http://www.thinkodds.co.uk/login/

Workstream Type: Consultancy

Project Outline: We were approached by a gambling syndicate to automate a manual process called Odds2. This was taking them many man-hours to compile, and was open to human error. Also, the manual nature of the existing process did not allow for customer reporting.

Work Undertaken by ZZS: Business Re-engineering | Project management | Design | Bespoke PHP Development | Customer reporting

Biggest Challenges: To understand a complex gambling process, and translate into a working system. Actually enhancing customer focus by providing management with 3D customer reporting.



Any questions? We'd love to hear from you.

To get in contact with us at ZIGZAG Solutions, either fill out the contact form, email us at: support@zigzagsolutions.co.uk or call us on 0121 390 1010